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The bee on the chive flower: Photography challenge day 8

So I’m basically going to be a day behind in the photography challenge, unless I manage to do a double photography post at some point.

The winner for today’s entry is the honeybee on the chive flowers.

Honeybee on the chive flowers

The honeybee (and actually all of the bee clade) is actually only native to Eurasia, but humans took them to four other continents (Africa, Australia, South & North America).

In terms of recognition—there are eight species recognized, but with a total of 43 subspecies. These subspecies are populations of bees that living in different areas and have different morphological characteristics. Out of those species—two have been domesticated for honey production and/or crop pollination—the eastern & western honeybees. Other bees may also produce & store honey—but not to the extent that the eastern & western honeybees manage.

Honeybee on the chive flowers

One way to help these insects is to plant bushes, flowers, veggies, herbs, and other plants that are native to the area (or at least not totally invasive) that can attract the bees and help them survive.

We have numerous bushes in the yard that flower (crepe myrtles, rose-of-Sharon, wisteria, clematis, flowering quints, and others), in addition we also have various herbs planted, though the only one that really flowers is the chive.

Chives are a flowering plant that produces edible leaves and flowers (though we leave the flowers alone so that the bees, wasps, and butterflies have something to also feed on). They are also related to common onions, garlic, shallot, leek, scallion, and the Chinese onion. These are one herb that once you plant; they will come back up for a couple of years (unless there is a really cold snap, and I’d guess less than 0 degrees).

This year I’ve managed to get the picture of bees, flies, butterflies, and wasps all resting/feeding on the chive flowers. A new goal for next year—record and see how many of which species land on the flowers.

Do you like chives? If so–what is your favorite recipe for them? Another thought–maybe once I have my own place, I can become a part time beekeeper. Are you (or someone you know) a beekeeper? Have you ever thought of becoming one??

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Photography Challenge Day 36: Honeybee on Peach Flower

It’s officially spring

So today’s post is going to be on the short side–I’m fighting off some type of bug and my head feels like it’s in the clouds. But yesterday I managed to get several pictures of honeybees buzzing around the miniature peach tree’s flowers.

Hopefully this means that there will be some fruit that pops out–might not be the most edible fruit, but at least it will be fruit. I have a few ideas on the raised flower garden, and hopefully over the next few weeks (once I get over whatever the hell I have), I’ll be able to get it put together and flowers planted that will attract more birds, bees, and butterflies to the backyard. We haven’t had as many butterflies since we had the mulberry tree taken out (the butterflies did like the juice from the berries).

Now things are starting to green, leaf buds are popping out, flowers are opening (at least those that flower in early spring), and the day is starting to get longer again.

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