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Photography Challenge Day 53: Waffles

Well since today was a day off of work due to the winter weather we’ve been having the past few days, I decided to sleep in. Though I was awoken by a certain Russian Blue cat jumping on the bed and deciding that I was a good mattress that only needed a little bit of kneading. Luckily my phone was within reach, and I managed to grab a picture–though she didn’t like the fact that I had to have the flash on to be able to get her picture.

Waffles didn’t like the flash of the camera this morning

Waffles is starting to get a little more cuddly with me these days–she is starting to take after Pyewicket and wanting to be picked up and carried around (only for awhile though), and she still comes up to me on the dining room table and demands her rubs and scritches. Though I think this morning was more of her trying to tell me to get up and go fill the bird feeders so that they could have their bird television back. I do have to admit that I also enjoy watching the birds–though those little gold finches can be quite ruthless when they want to get to the seed and there are other finches on the little ledges.

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Science as art……Photography Challenge Day 25

Well today’s picture is brought to you by an unknown entomology student.  The main part of the department is in a different building and next door to the entomology and plant pathology department. At least one of the entomology classes has an art project as part of the overall semester grade. Their wing wonderful to walk through as there are different drawings, paintings, and sculptures–over the next few months, I’ll take some pictures to share with you.

Found someone’s art project in our tree this afternoon.

Lately their art projects have slowly found their way into the biochemistry & molecular biology wing (mainly because there are numerous plants in the area leading to the entomology and plant pathology wings. They moved a large paper-mâché caterpillar into the wing a little over a year ago.

This spider is part of the latest additions to the crowd. There are also a couple of ants crawling around on some hibiscus plants, and then there is a praying mantis hidden within the leaves and branches of another small “tree”. Its the one thing I love seeing is how art and science can be combined–there are several fields where it is easy to do so (entomology is just one of the them).

I’m slowly trying to figure out ways of doing more art/crafts with my field of study–biochemistry and molecular biology, that are also within the crafts that I know how to do (or decide to learn). Maybe the next afghan will have more scientific symbols on it????

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Sunrise–Day 10 of photography challenge

Today was I was waiting for the bus, I noticed the gorgeous sunrise and decided that it would be the picture of the day. It is nice that the days are slowly getting longer, it isn’t totally pitch black when I head to catch the bus to work, and it isn’t getting dark when I head home from work–I can actually enjoy a little bit of the day around my work schedule (even if it is in very brisk temperatures).

Waiting for the bus.

I love both sunsets and sunrises mainly because of the stunning colors that the clouds turn as the sun comes up and goes down. I love the radiant purples, deep pinks, and sharp reds and yellows before it either becomes a blue, cloudy sky for the day or a dark carpet of stars with a few clouds at night.

I’d love to be doing more night photography of the moon–especially full moon, with an occasional cloud passing over it, but that will require a slightly better camera than the one I currently have, and even a little bit better than the camera on the iPhone. I’d also like to maybe be able to capture a good picture of an owl at night, or even bats in flight over an lake during the summer. I’m thinking that these types of photography challenges will be going on a photography bucket list or wish list, that I may start creating to help determine vacation plans for the coming years, and things like that.


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