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Photography Challenge: Monday Motivation Day 50

Well decided to switch things up a little and today’s photo is a motivation quote or for me a reminder—to chose my own path. While I’ve decided on several different paths that I could take transitioning out of academia, the real trick now is to try to figure out which path I want to take. What is seeming so scary is the fact that I am heading out into a unknown territory–I can make it in academia (I’ve been in it in some shape or form half my life), going off that path seems scary right now, but at the same time intriguing.

                         Monday Motivation

I’m thinking that I should almost start drawing out the bubble map–to where I’m currently in the center bubble, but then there are numerous different ways that the story could go depending on which bubble I move to from my current one. There’d be bubbles for the different career choices, and then bubbles for some of the more pressing skills, or knowledge for those careers, followed by bubbles on how I could go about trying to learn those skills or gain the knowledge.

If the first step in determining what you want to do, is knowing what you don’t want to do–I’ve got that step done. I’m now on to the second step–trying to determine what the end will be so that I can craft the story to get to the end.

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Trying to find the scientific dream job

So I’ve mentioned in a previous post (focusing on the new job search); that I’m looking to move on from my current senior research specialist position by the end of the year (due to the major fact that my current position is only funded for a year).

Looking at the list of steps that I stated I needed to follow to reach my goal of transitioning to an industry position by October, I realize that I’m a little behind schedule on some of the tasks.

One of the things I need to figure out is a good reason why I want to leave academia for industry—I can’t just say because of the pay (though that is part of the reason why). Some of the reasons (and now I just need to figure out how to get them to flow into one good “elevator pitch) include, wanting to have more of an impact in the field of molecular biology—working in a lab does, but only as long as there is money; working in industry you have the ability to see a project through to completion or where it needs to be sent off to a different team (say vaccine design and development; or something of that nature). You also get to interact with a more diverse group of individuals (again in academia it all comes down to the lab you are working in in terms of who you are collaborating with and interacting with). Another benefit is being able to change projects at a fairly rapid pace (though I know some would see this as a disadvantage). If I know my why ahead of time, I can better draft my own transition story to keep me going while I’m looking. Read More

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