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Photography Challenge day 8: Monday Motivation (Short Post)

Decided to start the week off with a little motivational quote/picture. I got a set of cards called the Motto of the Day a few months ago in a calmbox shipment. There are fifty plus motivational sayings, and I’m going to go through each one on a Monday–pick out the one that speaks the most to me, and then share it here on the blog.

So today I picked the quote “Keep Moving Forward”. I did this intentionally as I need to keep reminding myself that I need to keep moving in a forward direction in both personal (health and fitness) and professional (looking for the new position) areas of my life. Basically I know what I need to be doing in both areas–working out and watching what I’m eating (personal) and then starting to really try to network more (adding value to current connections and continuing to connect) to be able to set up informational interviews that will hopefully lead to a position in industry. I also know that I really need to narrow down what exactly I want to do in industry and go at it from that direction as well.

By reminding myself that I need to keep moving forward, it will hopefully start to help ease the anxiety that is creeping up when I realize that the time is ticking down on my current position and I really should try to have something set up before it ticks down to zero. Also the reminder is that nothing can change yesterday, so I need to keep moving forward and try to be a little better at various things then I was yesterday.

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Photography Challenge: Monday Motivation Day 50

Well decided to switch things up a little and today’s photo is a motivation quote or for me a reminder—to chose my own path. While I’ve decided on several different paths that I could take transitioning out of academia, the real trick now is to try to figure out which path I want to take. What is seeming so scary is the fact that I am heading out into a unknown territory–I can make it in academia (I’ve been in it in some shape or form half my life), going off that path seems scary right now, but at the same time intriguing.

                         Monday Motivation

I’m thinking that I should almost start drawing out the bubble map–to where I’m currently in the center bubble, but then there are numerous different ways that the story could go depending on which bubble I move to from my current one. There’d be bubbles for the different career choices, and then bubbles for some of the more pressing skills, or knowledge for those careers, followed by bubbles on how I could go about trying to learn those skills or gain the knowledge.

If the first step in determining what you want to do, is knowing what you don’t want to do–I’ve got that step done. I’m now on to the second step–trying to determine what the end will be so that I can craft the story to get to the end.

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Motivation Monday–Day 22 of photography challenge

It was one of those days, where I felt like I was running like a hamster in the exercise wheel. It was cooler than yesterday (which is fine, this is winter), but there really wasn’t any sun out. I think that without the sun at times, I feel more run down (even though I do take a vitamin D supplement in the morning), and prone to giving into the sweet tooth a little more than I should.

This week’s motivation quote

It was nice to come home and find that one of the packages that I had ordered had come in–within it was some more stickers for my journal/planner. I like trying to put a good motivational sticker at the start of each week; that way when I look to see how I’m doing with various habits I can glance at the sticker.

This one in particular resonated with me today for two reason: (1) I’m trying to get back into shape and into some type of fitness and nutrition routine, and it is something that you have to keep working at day after day; and (2) I’m also trying to really start working on my job hunting for the next science position, since my current one is up around Thanksgiving (I really don’t want to be on unemployment again if I can help it).

I’ve been reading different books, and its funny how they can differ so much when it comes to the idea of habits, and will power. They both agree that will power is a finite source, and then they differ on whether you should be trying to make new habits or just “letting go” of ones that don’t work for you (which to me means–making new habits). Habits don’t just disappear, they’re “written over” with new ones; and if you don’t keep up with the new habits, they can “disappear” and the old ones “reappear”.


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