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Monday Motivation and ramblings: Photography Challenge Day 8

Words to live by……

Today’s photograph is a just a picture of a phrase that I’m going to try to take to heart this year–make my own path. It is one thing to seek the advice of others in terms of changing careers, moving, and so forth–but there is a point when we just have to take that first step ourselves and cross our fingers that everything goes right.

I will admit that my sticking point for awhile has been that first step–I’m scared silly that I’m going to end up in another work situation that goes from decent to toxic/bad in a matter of months. I’ve done enough personal development that I have an better idea of the type of work environments that I might thrive in, and I know with a doubt that I will no longer ignore my instincts.

My goal is to find the right company fit that allows for growth as a scientist, but at the same times doesn’t require you to live in the lab seven days a week, or long hours either. That right there is my major conundrum (wanting to work in science, but at the same time try to have a life outside of it). Life is short, and it’s taken me long enough to realize that since things haven’t gone as plan–maybe I should just start enjoying the journey and maybe I will end up where I’m suppose to.

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Monday Motivation

Well it’s the start of another week–and at least work wise, it’s going to be a shortish week, as there is a mini vacation on the horizon. This is also going to be a time for me to really try to get an plan in place for job searching (trying to figure out/narrow down my “why” and my “passion”), plus try to continue reminding myself that I need to slow down and spend some time doing other things other than just working and worrying about everything.

                    Monday Motivation

This quote jumped out at me today, for several reasons: (1) The basic message that we’re all born to stand out, and that we shouldn’t try to be fitting in all the time. This really resonates with me, as growing up I was one of the kids on the “outside”; I was never part of the popular/in crowd, and I wasn’t really part of the any other group. I was quiet (for the most part), introvert, and a bookworm. It has taken me a long time, but I am starting to embrace my quirkiness (I don’t really hide the fact anymore that I’m an pagan/wicca/atheist), I enjoy crafts (though I haven’t spent as much time as I would like working on them lately), and I read what I want to read. (2) Being different is a good thing (this reminds me of a webinar series I was watching recently on networking, and they talked about stepping outside your comfort zone).

I’m going to start spending more time on both things that make me happy (crafts, photography, spending time outdoors) and balance that with job searching, personal development, professional development, and increasing my scientific understanding (reading and reviewing [short blog posts] on different scientific topics–if there is something science related [biology/biochemistry/molecular biology]–comment and I’ll do my best to answer them).

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