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Reflections of November: Fitness on track, everything else is a work in progress.

So November is over—the presidential election went the way I wanted (though I was quite shocked at the number of people who thought the last four years were good and wanted four more years of the same shit). The Electoral College will meet in less than two weeks to finalize the vote, then on January 20th the new president and vice-president will be sworn into office.

I’m still working on figuring out the type of fluid schedule that will have me getting stuff done, but at the same time not feel like I’m being stuck in a rigid schedule.

The US still hasn’t gotten the virus under control—when I published ‘October in Review’ I noted that the US had over 9.4 million cases and now the US is just under 14 million cases (that is an increase of over 4.5 million cases in a month). This means that we’re starting to double in cases a hell of a lot faster than we were even a month ago. While there are several vaccine candidates that are being pushed for emergency use—it will still be awhile before the general population will have access to it (I’m hoping that the first series will be going to the front-line workers—the doctors, nurses, and emergency staff that have to deal with daily; and the two main vaccines require two shots a month apart). While the election went the way I wanted–it will still take a while to get the virus under control and then travel may be possible by sometime late 2021 or early 2022. I’m still planning on at least (hopefully) one mental health trip somewhere.

So as we head into the last month of 2020, I should look back on the goals that I set for November and see how I did with each of them.

Goals for November included:

At least 130-150,000 steps—I’ve realized that as it gets colder, I’m less likely to take my dog out for a walk and I usually am sitting more than anything during those days. Therefore I’m going to have to figure out something to do (possibly put on movies or something and march in place to get the steps).

Finish up the combo calendar of Yoga Booty Ballet & LIIFT4; then start 10 Rounds (which is 6 weeks and should take me right up to Christmas), with a little Yoga Booty Ballet tossed in here and there

Read (or finish) at least 2 non-fiction books

No spend days/no spend weeks/no spend month

Finish the Medical Writers Organization program

Get half way through either the Management Consultant Firm or the Project Management Consortium programs

Start working through at least one e-course that deals with Python

Complete at least two other short e-courses

Start refreshing Spanish

So how did I do with each one?

At least 130-150,000 steps—I’ve realized that as it gets colder, I’m less likely to take my dog out for a walk and I usually am sitting more than anything during those days.

I managed to hit and surpass my step goal this month. I managed to get a little over 218,000 steps (218,813 steps to be exact). I managed this because I took four walks up at Boomer Lake (and the total walk usually gives me about 10-12,000 steps).

Finish up the combo calendar of Yoga Booty Ballet & LIIFT4; then start 10 Rounds (which is 6 weeks and should take me right up to Christmas), with a little Yoga Booty Ballet tossed in here and there

So I finished up LIIFT4 mid-November. The rest days were either used as rest days or I did a walk, or yard work (because we did have a ice storm at the end of October). I managed to do Yoga Booty Ballet during the first half of LIIFT4—I may add in a week at the end of month (December) since finishing up 10 Rounds will be around Christmas and I can either start a program a week early, or possibly do a week of Yoga Booty Ballet and then start something new after Jan 1st.

Started 10 Rounds on the 16th, and currently I feel like I have two left feet in terms of the foot movement and no rhythm at all for the slips and rolls. But it’s only my first time through—I may do it again sometime in 2022 (as I have most of 2021 already planned out).

Read (or finish) at least 2 non-fiction books

This month I managed to finish reading the following books:

Quit your job and follow your dreams by Michelle Klup

            This book basically gives tips on how to get various things in order (finances being the big one), how to transition to part-time, and how to just go about trying to figure out how to translate your dreams into a career, or a hobby.

No spend days/no spend weeks/no spend month

I managed to have a couple of no spend days—but they seldom stretch to no-spend weeks, and it didn’t stretch to a no-spend month. One reason—my impulsive habit of buying e-books, and if the synopsis of the book sounds interesting I’ll purchase it and may or may not get around to reading it for awhile.

Finish the Medical Writers Organization program

I’m almost through the fifth module of the program—I just have to do the writing and editing assignments, post them in the group and get feedback. Then finish up the 6th module. I have realized that while I’m thinking of going writing—I probably want to focus on either science education/outreach and/or writing for a nonprofit (such as Nature Conservatory, Sierra Club or a zoo/aquarium).

Get half way through either the Management Consultant Firm or the Project Management Consortium programs

I think I watched the first two videos for each program. Having the basics for consulting will be good; even if that isn’t the path I currently want to go on. I have no problems with long hours for a job—I just don’t want to be adding in huge amount of travel (which consultants do, depending on the company they work for and the area they may be assigned). I’m thinking that one way to showcase my project management skills will be to have a better posting schedule for the blog, posting regularly on different social media sites, and creating/posting original content on Linkedin as well.  All-in-all two rather large projects I need to start planning out.

Start working through at least one e-course that deals with Python

            Nope, this didn’t happen this month. I realize that in addition to trying to relearn/refresh a language, I will also need to consider this goal also as a ‘class’—schedule in the time or I’m not going to get it done.

Complete at least two other short e-courses

Watched the short course on skillshare: Capture your writing ideas: how never to lose track of blog or book ideas.

            Basically this short course just talked about different ways of keeping track of ideas: either analog (paper and pen) or digital. I’m basically a hybrid—I like writing out on paper, but I also like to have a list of things digitally as well. I would give the course probably 4 out of 5 stars.

Start refreshing Spanish

            Nope this didn’t happen again. I’m actually thinking that I need start thinking of this challenge (refreshing my knowledge of a language or learning a new language) as an actual class. I probably will need to write down that I will spend ‘X’ amount of time per day working on this task—otherwise I know that it isn’t going to get done.

So a little progress was made (namely on fitness) this month. In part, I will admit to being ‘glued’ earlier this month to the news to find out who would be declared the winner of the US presidential election, and the various stupid lawsuits that the outgoing president had launched to try to change the outcome.

I have to remind myself that the only person that I need to be in competition with is myself—and who I was yesterday. I’m working changing my mindset and self-talk. As I had stated last month—it took me awhile to realize that the all-out and full-speed ahead mentality/push basically brought me to that brick wall and burnout. I wasn’t using my strengths the way I should have been using them, and I was trying to meld myself into someone else.

The ‘reboot break’ may not be going as planned—but it has been beneficial. Now all I need to do is figure out the best methodology that will work for me to achieve my goals. The biggest question for me going into 2021 will be—what do I want to be doing in five years, and where do I want to be at that time.

It’s time that I start to draw my own map to my own destiny instead of relying on the maps of others. Therefore–

Goals for December will include:

At least 130-155,000 steps—December is probably going to be fairly cold and I’m not sure how often I’m going to be able to make it up to Boomer Lake for a walk.

Finish up 10 Rounds and then either do a week of YBB, or start one of the following combos: Muscle Burns Fat/Muscle Burns Fat Advance or 21-Day Fix Live/21-Day Fix Extreme Live.

Read (or finish) at least 2 non-fiction books

No spend days/no spend weeks/hopeful no spend month

Finish the writing/editing assignments for the Medical Writers Organization program.

Get halfway through one of the other advanced Cheeky Scientist programs

Complete at least two other short e-courses

Brain dump/organize/create a rough draft for a editorial/to-accomplish calendar/list

And finally reminding myself: “Progress over Perfection”, “You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one”, and “Not caring what other people think is the best choice you will ever make”.

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Gemini Full Moon: Time to work on my time management & planning skills. More self-reflection wouldn’t hurt.

We will be entering the full moon for November probably tonight (and I’m going to be a day late in posting). This means that there are only 31 days left in 2020—one more month. Then we cautiously peek around the corner to see what 2021 is going to bring.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to give myself grace when it comes to trying to get a lot of stuff accomplished. The reasons for this are: 1) I currently not working under any type of schedule; 2) depending on how I try to structure the schedule I may (or may not) give myself an anxiety attack; and 3) I still am trying to determine what direction(s) I want to be pursuing. In regards to the last reason—I want to be semi-confident that I’m going in the direction I want before sitting down to do a lot of work. This means I need to figure out the minimum workload to do in order to give myself an idea on the direction.

So, with that being said—I’m hoping to get back into some type of posting schedule in 2021. It will include photography (probably restarting the photography challenge for like the 5th time), and then it may also include more science, spirituality, humanities, social science and so forth. I need to determine the best mix of things to both keep me engaged in creating content and learning.

Therefore getting back to the topic at hand: November’s Full Moon. After this full moon, there will only be one more new and full moon for 2020.  So what are some questions that one can contemplate during this time? Looking at “Moonology: working with the magic of lunar cycles” by Yasmin Boland, there are five questions that one can ask during this full moon:

            Have I been gossipy, superficial, or flighty this month?

            Have I been glossing over other people’s feelings?

            Have I been too quick to change my mind, or too restless?

            Have I been too much of a silver-tongued hustler?

            Have I done enough reading to keep expanding my mind?

If I were to number the above questions 1-5, my answers would be as follow:

  1. No I haven’t been gossipy, superficial, or flighty this month. With the pandemic still going strong, the only people I see on a daily basis are my parents; I talk with one friend usually weekly, and keep in touch with everyone else via social media. The only thing really in the news has been the pandemic and the fact that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the election earlier this month.
  2. No I don’t think I’ve been glossing over other people’s feelings. Again, not around that many people and I’m pretty sure my parents would let me know if I was being too irritating.
  3. This one is a little more difficult to answer—I don’t think I’ve been too quick to change my mind on things; but I also haven’t been quick on deciding on things either. So, I would have to say I’ve been a little restless in terms of career transition and other things.
  4. Nope, I haven’t been a silver-tongued hustler. I’m actually going to be stepping back from doing Beachbody coaching this coming month, as I’ve realized that currently that type of coaching isn’t what I want to be doing—and I also need to try to get my life in some order before trying to help others.
  5. This has both a yes and a no answer. Yes, in terms that I have quite a few books on my digital to-be-read pile and I’m slowly making my way through the list. It is also a no, in that there are days (and if I’m honest weeks) where I decide to either reread different romance series or I’m just doing color by number pictures instead of reading a personal/professional development book.

So I’m also going to see what house the moon will be transition through during this time. Using my rising sign (which is Scorpio), the Gemini constellation is moving through my eighth house—the focus of this house on “death and rebirth, reinvention and transformation”.

This makes sense as I’m still working through and figuring out my reinvention and transformation plan. This plan will focus on personal/professional development and encompass both career and personal health. The pandemic this year was the ‘death’ to quite a few plans (that luckily hadn’t been finalized yet, so I didn’t lose any money), and hopefully 2021 may be the ‘rebirth’ of some of those plans.

So this is the time to try to find balance between slowing down, rushing to learn things, being real with people, money, and determining one’s self worth.

Therefore my small goal list for the last month of 2020 (since the full moon showed up on Nov 30th) will include:          

            Read (or finish) at least two non-fiction books, and take (or highlight sections) notes in order to also post a book review on the blog (and possibly amazon as well).

            Continue to work on improving my evening/afternoon meditations.

            Get creative in figuring out an schedule/calendar for things. I’ve had ideas of doing everything from a ‘syllabus’ (treating different areas like they were ‘school subjects’) to making a to-be accomplished list. Needless to say neither has really stuck (though to be fair on the to-be accomplished list, the first draft was more of a brain dump). I may try to make a hybrid of the three—a brain dump, cleaned up into a to-be accomplished list, which can be formatted into one or more ‘syllabus’.

While reminding myself: “Progress over perfection”, “You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one”; and “Not caring what other people think is the best choice you will ever make”.

Also just wanting to try to finish 2020 on a somewhat positive note.

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Reviewing Fitness/Health Goals set during the Taurus Full Moon

So the moon will be transitioning into its next full moon phase in a day or two at the end of November. That means that there is literally one month left in 2020—30 odd days left. Then there will be 20 days until the new president and vice-president are sworn into office here in the United States.

While I will be happy to see 2020 come to an end—because lets face it, it has been a very difficult year for everyone; I’m leery about how 2021 is going to go/start. I mean, I hope that 2020 wasn’t a prequel to show how the decade was going to go—because if it is, I want a time machine NOW!

Anyway, before I can look ahead to the next full moon, it is time to look back at the goals that I set for the Taurus full moon and see how I did with each of them.

The goals for the Taurus full moon included:

            Finish up LIIFT4/YBB and then start 10 Rounds/YBB

            Start trying to dial in my nutrition a little (try to eat a few more fruits/veggies and a little less candy)

            Continue working on my life handbook

            Start being a little more active online (commenting, liking, posting) in various groups on Facebook and LinkedIn

            Meditating nightly (yes, this is focusing on me a little—but if I keep myself in the right mindset, I’m more polite and easier to be around other people).

So how did I do with each of them?

In terms of the working out, I did finish the LIIFT4/YBB mix—though towards the end it was mainly LIIFT4. I have started 10 Rounds, and I doubt that I’m going to add in YBB constantly. One thing I’ve learned over the past few months is that it is perfectly fine to take the rest day (or days), and know that I’m not going to just quit working out (like I had earlier in the year).

In terms of dialing in my nutrition—this has been a little more difficult for me. One thing I’ve realized is that with the various eating plans I’ve tried to follow over the years—they’ve burnt me out on fruits and veggies. Now I love fruits—but I don’t like having to eat them constantly if I don’t want to (hence the reason why I’m currently not following any type of eating plans). In terms of veggies—I’m very picky on both the veggies I eat, how they’re cooked, and whether or not they should be stored and then reheated. So this is something I’m still working on.

In terms of making my life handbook—this is also a work in progress. As someone who is still trying to figure out what the hell they want to do with their life, trying to make the ‘blueprint’ at the same time is a little daunting. Ongoing task.

While I’ve been a little more active online, it was more on the main LinkedIn and Facebook pages; though I did post a few other things on a group page on Facebook. So this is again something of an ongoing task.

Meditating has usually ended up with me doing it right before going to sleep (so I’ve been in more of a prone position than a sitting position). Also I’ve realized that unlike others I don’t have a problem of ‘quieting’ the mind—my thoughts are obviously running around in the background whispering, because when I sit (or lay in a prone position)—thoughts are sparse. Something though to continue working on—possibly trying to do it multiple times during the day, just to lower the blood pressure.

So some things went better than others—finishing up LIIFT4 and starting 10 Rounds (though currently it isn’t one of my favorites, but that is because I feel like I have two left feet, and I’m having to figure out the modification moves myself since there is no modifier).

Nutrition will always be a work in progress, and some things will go better than others—I can probably add in fruits more easily than I can add in veggies to my daily/weekly routine. One thing I’m going to try to do is work towards having at least 3 servings of fruits throughout the week (yes, I know that should be a daily goal—but baby steps). A okay week will be 1 serving, a good week will be 3 servings, a better week will be 1 serving fruit/daily, and the best week will be 2-3 servings of fruit/daily.

While reminding myself: ‘Progress over Perfection’; ‘You can’t start the next chapter of your life, if you keep re-reading the last one’ and ‘Not caring what others people think is the best choice you will ever make’

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