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Review of Virgo Full Moon: Brain-dumps, meditating, and finding sisu

So the moon is going to be heading into its next full moon cycle this coming weekend (either Friday or Saturday night—depending on where you are in the world). That means before looking ahead to the Libra full moon, I need to look back at the goals that I’d set for the Virgo full moon and see how I did with each of them.

What were my goals for the Virgo full moon? Well, they included:

  1. Finish setting up the ‘meditation’ area for nightly meditations
  2. Get back into the practice of doing ‘monthly brain dumps’ and using that to gauge how narrowly focused or ‘well-rounded’ I’m being in my thoughts
  3. Continue working on various Diamond group activities to help with the transition to either a remote writing position and/or starting my own freelance business.
  4. Another long-term goal is going to be continue looking into my cultural heritage and starting to strengthen my sisu.

So how did I do with each of them?

I have the ‘meditation’ area straighten up, its just a matter of pulling out the blankets to sit on at night and then putting them back in the box (to decrease any potential pet accidents).

Did my April monthly brain dump, and I would say that I grouped things into creative/reflective posts (my usually five monthly posts), book reviews, photography (mainly different birds that I’m wanting to post pages for), throwback travel posts, and a list of science topics that I’m figuring out how to blend into one or more large ‘series’.

When it comes to the Diamond group activities, I’m slowly revising my resume (made the mistake and made a ‘Frankenstein’ resume, so I’m in the process of using the template and rewording things to emphasize skills and results that I have to focus on the jobs that I want.

I know the top four-to-five things I still need to be doing (and once I get one done, it can easily be checked off as complete):

Creating a functional resume template that can then be tailored to each position

Update my LinkedIn profile (removing ‘academic’ terms/phrases, becoming more future facing, more emphasis on transferrable skills, and showcasing my writing)

Networking and doing informational interviews with both freelance writers and writers within different companies

Writing and creating different types of deliverables (and what do I mean by different types of deliverables?)

I mean, creating examples of infographics, slide decks (PowerPoint), possible posters (or possibly just link in a JPEG picture of one from grad school), and possibly even try writing a literature review.

In addition, I’d be figuring out different types of copywriting that I’d also be willing to do (which can also include the above), since I’m thinking of freelance and possibly doing a mixture of content/copywriting.

In terms of investigating my cultural heritage and finding my inner sisu—I realized that it has always been there (I just accidentally ignore it from time to time).

Sisu is that inner grit/determination/will.

I realized that I do tap into from time to time—I had to in order to finish college and grad school. I didn’t know what I wanted to major in as an undergrad (hence the seven years and two degrees), and didn’t know what I wanted to do afterwards (hence going to grad school).

It also helped me get through two post-doc positions, and two staff scientist positions. It allowed me to say, ‘this isn’t working, and I need a break to figure things out’.

When have I ‘ignored’ it? Well, there was college, grad school, two post-doc positions, and two staff scientist positions.

I kept with the science track because I was good in science and I enjoyed being in the lab. I had dreams when I was younger of having my own lab doing marine or developmental biology research. When things didn’t work out doing the post-docs, I switched to a staff scientist position instead of taking time to figure out what I really wanted to do.

The past few years, I’ve realized that I want location independence, ability to do research on topics that are of interest to me (leaning into my top strength of learner), and being able to control my schedule.

The sticking point has been allowing my inner critic/imposter syndrome loom over my sisu. I know that I can write, and that I can do it in both a ‘scientific’ voice and an ‘everyone else’ voice. I just have to sit and write, step away from the computer and come back the next day (or day after that) and edit what I wrote (instead of trying to edit as I write).

So, I would say that I managed to meet at least seventy-five percent of each goal. I know that I could have completed more Diamond group activities (but again—there is that pesky rabbit hole of researching a topic—even if it is ‘only’ a career track), but I’m aiming to be a little more productive over the next ninety days.

Starting to be a little SMARTer in the goal setting (even for the moons) is starting to help. My problem really has been the ‘T’ (Time restraint) in setting the goals. I either make it too short or too long. Again, I’m planning on improving on my SMART goals over the next ninety days as well.

How did your Virgo Full Moon Goals turn out??

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Did the brain-dump, meditation, & slowly figuring other things out

So we’re going to be heading into the third full moon of the year tomorrow. The moon will be entering the Libra constellation, and it will also be the first super moon of the year.

But before I can look ahead to the Libra full moon, I need to look back at the goals that I set for the Virgo full moon and see how I did with each of them.

So what were my goals for the Virgo full moon? They included:

Meditating nightly, and hopefully catching and re-framing negative thoughts into more positive thoughts.

Trying to do a monthly ‘brain-dump’–getting all ideas out of my head on what I would like to get accomplished during hte month (for example-March), and then selecting ideas from the list to put on my weekly to-be accomplished list. Have it such that it is a mix of various things instead of focusing solely on one area.

Continue working on the transition plan–try to figure out which industry positions are of interest and start trying to network again.

So how did I do with each of them?

In terms of nightly meditations–I’ve been doing really well with these. I’ve found that right now the best combination is that I have my ‘noise maker’ going, the lights off, and candles lit. I can usually quiet my mind for a few minutes.

Re-framing the thoughts is always going to be an ongoing battle. I’ve realized that most of the time, the negative thoughts have become ‘background’ noise in my head and I usually have ‘tuned-it out’ aka I don’t realize what I’m thinking. I’m now trying to tie emotions to thoughts and when I start feeling anxious I then try to tune in to the thoughts.

I managed to do a ‘monthly brain dump’ for March at the end of February. It has been helpful in terms of ideas for blog posts (or at least reminding myself of recurring posts), blog/website pages or both. While there is one section of the brain dump that hasn’t had items marked out–I did make a massive list of ideas, with the understanding that I probably wasn’t going to be able to cover everything on the list. Some ideas/topics may make it onto the ‘monthly brain dump’ for April.

So in terms of the transition plan–this is still currently a work in progress, and since I’m not sure if I’m going to stick with trying to be remote/freelance/online or possible a mix of online and in-person I haven’t started networking more yet. Though I’m leaning more and more towards the idea of something that can be semi-location independent and it has flexible hours so that I can also focus on me.

I’ve decided that those are going to be two of the most important aspects of moving forward—the location and the ability to semi-control my schedule. Since I’ve acknowledge that I have a terrible habit of prioritizing one aspect of life over others, I’m slowly starting to bring that back into a balance—and I don’t want to lose that balance.

Therefore I don’t want a job that is going to require me commuting more than say 45-60 minutes per direction (that’s saying I’m willing to lose 1.5-2 hours a day or 7.5-10 hours a week commuting), and one that I can safely leave work at work (even when I decide to go solo—I’m going to ‘create’ an home office where work will stop at 5:30 every day).

As I had mentioned in a Linkedin post last week: I’m focusing on figuring out the direction (or possibly directions) to go in that will allow me to continuously learn, be challenged, have fun, but also have flexible hours and be semi-location independent.

While that may not sound like I made progress on the transition plan—I actually have—in starting to define what type of professional lifestyle I want and now I need to start figuring out (besides scientific writer, data analyst, and possibly project manager) what industry positions would be a good for my desired professional lifestyle.

Progress is being made and I’m slowly starting to stretch the comfort zone. Using my strengths and values as guiding points I may actually semi-figure out what I’m doing with the second half of my life.

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Two Full Moon Goal Reviews–in One

So the moon will be entering the full moon phase over the next day or two (depending on where you live), and it will be the last super moon for 2020. I’ve realized that with the way my mood was last month—I didn’t post my review for my goals for the March full moon, and I didn’t post my goals for the April full moon. So I’ve decided that I would do a duel review—how I did with my goals for March, and what goals I would have set for last month (since I never really got around to finishing that post).

So in March, the moon was passing through the Virgo constellation (which if I go with my rising sign, it highlighted my 11th house or my friend zone). During this time I set only a few goals: meditating, trying to set up a daily schedule, and networking more effectively in terms of both job searching and trying to set up informational interviews.

In terms of how I felt I did with each one of them:

In terms of meditating nightly, I’m getting better at it. I’m trying to set aside time roughly around 9pm to sit and just “be”. This usually allows me to quiet my thoughts (or at least the ones I’m conscious of making) and slowly relax for the night. I am also trying to reframe negative thoughts (again at least the ones I’m conscious of making) into positive thoughts—though this has been a little more difficult during the pandemic.

            In terms of setting up a schedule—I think I do better when I have a to-do list with things broken down on that. As I haven’t really been planning out the past several weeks—I do like having to-do lists where I can check or mark something off as done.

            In terms of reaching out and networking more effectively—this is something that I’ve fallen down on the past month. This is mainly because I’m back to being somewhat indecisive of which direction I want to be going in terms of my industry transition. It seems that the guidelines are that companies want “experts” and not “jack-of-all-trades” in terms of knowledge areas. I’d be almost fine with that but once I feel like I’m an “expert”—I want to move on to something else, but if I’m a “jack-of-all-trades” and constantly learning on the job—I’m happy. So this is my sticking point—how to find something that will let me seem to be an “expert” while also being a “jack-of-all-trades”.

So I managed to start getting back on track for certain things (namely meditation), and realized that I’m still feeling slightly uncomfortable with a job transition that would require me to only show part of who I am (the “expert” side, and not the “jack-of-all-trades” side). I also realize that I like to-do lists better than schedules as the to-do lists can be done in any particular order and at any time of the day, and even possibly merged with another task as well.

Last month the moon passed through the Libra constellation (which is highlighted my 12th house, or my secret zone). It also had a couple of questions that allow for reflection. In terms of the questions:

1) Have I been too concerned with appearances in general?

            I’ve never been one that has kept up with the latest fashion. I’m usually happiest wearing nice comfortable clothing (jeans, leggings, sweatshirts, t-shirts, tank tops, sweats) instead of being dressed to the nines (I really don’t care for wearing nice clothes unless I absolutely have too). I do realize that moving forward with my job transition (either starting freelance and moving into industry or vice versa) I will need to start dress more “professionally”, and am actually in the planning stages of both reducing my wardrobe (because I’m pretty certain I don’t really “need” over 40 different t-shirts), and creating a basic multifunctional business wardrobe.

2) Have I been thinking too much about others and neglecting my own needs?

            This is a slightly difficult one to answer—my thoughts have been preoccupied with what is going on in the world (global pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV2 virus), and I probably have been neglecting my own needs over the past month mainly due to feeling really indifferent about everything.

3) Have I been too easily influenced, gullible, or unable to decide for myself?

            This depends on the topic—yes, I’ve been unable to decide which direction I want to go with my transition, but only because I’m uncertain of what I want to be showcased as an “expert” in and then what areas I want to be showcased as a “jack-of-all-trades” in. I am also feeling a little uncertain due to other things (mainly anxiety, stress, and depression—three things that while I haven’t been “officially” diagnosed—I know I suffer from them due to both family history, reading on the topics). All three can be treated without medication (if you feel like you have any of the three—anxiety, stress, or depression—I strongly urge you to talk to a medical professional), but it will take time and constant work.

4) Have I been living my life through someone else?

            Do fictional characters count?? Right now I truthfully have no idea of what I’m wanting from my life (career, where I live, relationship status, and so forth)—which is why I resigned from my job back in December and decided to take a reboot break. I did join an accountability group to help in the job search (which has given me several ideas to now pursue in terms of figuring things out). But truthfully—I’ve been living my life lately through fictional characters.

5) Have I spent enough time beautifying my life?

            Yes in a way I have—I’ve decluttered my room, got some new storage units, and finished my latest afghan. I’m going to be teaching myself how to cross-stitch over the next few weeks, and then also doodling and possibly ordering the supplies to turn one of the doodles into a painting (or maybe I’ll turn it into a cross-stitch pattern).

The Libra moon was also going through my 12th house (the secret zone), which is where we should try to take time for ourselves—meditating, yoga, or doing something else that allows us to find some balance in our lives.

I never actually made any goals for the Libra moon last month, but did try to continue with meditating nightly (and I usually managed about four to six nights out of the week). Basically what I need to do is make both a schedule and to-do lists so that I can become a little more productive than what I’ve been the last few (say four to seven) weeks. I know that I need to work on controlling how I react to the current world situation (I’ve let my anger, and disappointment in people control me and that had me off my routine for the past again four to seven weeks)—if I can just acknowledge that there are numerous ignorant, evil, greedy people in the world and that they’re the reason for the current situation, and that I’m doing all I can—I may actually be able to become somewhat productive again, as I enter week 8 (or possibly 9, or is it 12?) of the self-isolation period for dealing with the pandemic.

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Review of my Virgo Full Moon goals

So we’re almost a quarter of the way through the year. The moon should be transitioning into Libra tomorrow, and it will also mark the spring equinox. Therefore we will in theory be leaving winter behind and entering spring (though I’m sure that there will still be one or two spring snowstorms to hit somewhere in the US during the end of March & the early part of April). So now is time to look back on the goals that I had set for the period of the Virgo full moon.

So my goals for the last full moon included:

            Networking more on linkedin (add value to current connections, and then also strategically expand my network as well).

            Getting together with local friends more often (either for lunch, coffee, or maybe walking around Boomer Lake).

            Reaching out to friends that I haven’t talked to in awhile and catch up either through email or instant messaging.

            Then also continue working on my transition plan and also trying to develop a balance between “free time” and everything else that I need to be doing.

So how did I do with each one?

In terms of being more active on linkedin, this is still slow going. This is due to several things: 1) I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do, and until I do so I don’t want to go in half-hearted with adding value (though adding value to connections is never a bad thing); 2) I will need to look at people’s profiles to be able to figure out what “value” to add (as I haven’t had face-to-face interactions with probably ninety-eight percent of them); and 3) I really just need to schedule in time in a calendar to where I’m a) looking at people’s profiles and taking notes, b) commenting on people’s posts (one way of adding in value) and then c) communicating more with my network. So as usually this is an on-going task.

In terms of getting together with local friends more often—this hasn’t happened. Currently I usually try to get together with a friend for lunch once a month on the weekends (works best for both of us that way). So this is still something that I should be working on as well (as you never know where that lucky job referral will be coming from).

Reaching out to friends, this has been slow going as well. I’m thinking that these are tasks that I actually need to schedule into my calendar so that I know that I’ve set aside a specific time to be doing this.

In terms of working on my transition plan, I have an general idea of the type of professional lifestyle that I would like to have (if it can be on the bench that would be great, but at the same time I’m willing to start slowly migrating away from the bench), and I’ve come up with a list of job titles that also could be a match, though now there is more work that needs to be done to both narrow down the list and see which ones could be the best match for my desired professional lifestyle.

So I didn’t get a huge amount of each task completed this month. I seem to have the cycle where I manage to get a lot done, and then I get from just a little to maybe two-thirds completed. These are general things that will probably be kept on the outskirts of all other tasks over the next few months (if not making it back onto a list—depending on the sign and house that the moon is transitioning through).

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