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Cancer New Moon Goals: Review

So tomorrow, the moon will be entering another new moon phase, and it will be the second one for the month of July (and is also considered a black super moon—aka the second new moon in a month), though for some it will actually fall on August 1st. This means that July is basically over, and there are only a little over 150 days left in the year. It also means that it’s time to look back at the goals that were set for the Cancer new moon, and see how I did with them.

So what were my goals for the Cancer new moon?

1) Review, edit, and update my 12-month goals/plans for the different areas that I set out back under the Aries new moon.

2) Meditate nightly (even if it’s only for a couple of minutes).

3) Do a daily tarot/oracle card reading (even if I don’t share on social media right away).

4) Read at least one more non-fiction book (two-three would be great)

5) Start working through some of the different e-courses that I’ve bought over the past two years.

So how did I do with each one?

  1. I’m still reviewing, editing, and updating my 12-month goals/plans especially since I’m going to be starting a reboot break/pause towards the end of the year. I’m slowly figuring out what I want to do in life (I have several ideas brewing), and I know that the goals that I set out a few moons ago are in need of constant adjustment.
  2. I’ve managed to do this, even if it’s only for a few minutes. I’d like to be able to get back to where I was meditating for five minutes or more, but I know that I can get there—it will just take daily/evening work to get there.
  3. I have been doing daily oracle/tarot card readings, but I’ve only been sharing maybe once a week on social media. This is because I feel like some of the readings are a little too personal for social media (or at least the messages seem that way). I will try to share at least twice a week (if not more often).
  4. I managed to finish two books during the new moon period. One was about decluttering and the other was about pausing (taking a break) to help figure out one’s life.
  5. I’ve tried to start some of the e-courses, but only manage about ten minutes here or there. I know that I should schedule time for doing them (and I may try to do it the last hour or so of the workday).

So I managed to do pretty well with the goals for the Cancer new moon period, though I might not have gotten as much done with a few as I would have liked—a little progress is better than none. Also in terms of the e-courses, while I have numerous ones—I may start with the ones that I feel could be the most beneficial at this time, work through those and then move on to the next set of courses. It has only taken me almost thirty-nine years to realize that I really haven’t been steering my ship, I’ve been adrift on the current but now I’m slowly starting to readjust the course of the ship.

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Update on the April Full Moon Goals

So the moon is going to be entering it’s latest full moon stage tomorrow, and actually should be within the Scorpio constellation. I will admit that this year has totally confused me on which constellation the moon is in and when, since there have been a couple of times that it seems to have transitioned quickly back into the same constellation it was in the previous month. So it looks like I’m going to have another chance on working on my goals for a Scorpio full moon, as that is the constellation that it will be going through tomorrow. That means that it’s time to look back on the first round of Scorpio goals and see how I did with each one.

So goals for this full moon period are going to include:

            Getting my fitness and nutrition back on track.

            Working on my transition plan.

            Practicing gratitude/happiness/keeping a positive outlook daily.

So how did I do with each one?

            In terms of fitness and nutrition—this didn’t really happen, though I am trying not to buy as many sweets on campus. Now that our wifi/internet is hopefully back to it’s normal speed and not disappearing at the drop of a dime I will hopefully try to get back into doing a workout daily.

                        I’ve realized that at times I get bored with the workout because I’ve done it before and then I lose interest in the entire program. I’m thinking that I’m going to have to push myself to get through a program and try to lift a little heavier each week (if possible) in certain exercises and see if that can help propel me through various programs.

                        In terms of nutrition, I need to figure out a better way of dealing with stress and irritation—currently it’s going to buy some type of sweet/candy that I know I don’t need but I usually eat it anyway (or I save it for the weekend at home). If I can avoid getting the sweets (and the extra coffee) in the morning/during the day—besides losing some weight I will also be saving some money.

            In terms of working on my transition plan, so far the only book that I’ve finished reading so far has been: “Reboot your life: energize your career and life by taking a break” by Catherine Allen, Nancy Bearg, Rita Foley, and Jaye Smith. This book has shown me that its fine wanting to take a break from things, and that it’s even expected that people do that (I had no idea that companies like Google and Genetech actually support employees doing this).

                        So this is something that I’m seriously thinking of doing. I know that I have enough money saved (one nice thing about my current living arrangements), and that this is the perfect time for me to do so. Therefore sometime by the end of the year I’m going to embark on my own “reboot break”.

                        I’ve also joined another subgroup within a professional group I’m in—this one focusing on different aspects of scientific writing (but focused on non-academia areas). There are two other books that I’m currently reading (and hopefully will be finishing within the next full moon), and they are: “The Renaissance Soul: How to make your passions your life” by Margaret Loensteine and “Next Gen PhD” by Melanie Sinche.

Listening to a teambeachbody podcast this week (and currently I forget which April one it was), but one thing that stuck with me was—working the personal development that I need to be working on for myself and not what others think (or I think I should do to be like others). Listening to some of the podcasts have been reminding me that I really haven’t been working on me for me; and that is another reason why I’m leaning towards doing a “reboot break”.

Finally in terms of trying to practice happiness/gratitude daily—this is a hit and miss. I realize that the part of my day that I’m currently at times the unhappiest is when I’m at work. One reason is that we’re getting into the nicer weather and I don’t like being stuck indoors all day. I think that I’d almost prefer a job that had flexible hours/schedule to where I could work from both an office and then from home (or a park or somewhere I could take a break and get outdoors). I’m trying to find things to be happy/grateful for daily, and it boosts my mood for a while—but if others are in a bad mood that seems to spread around everyone and it’s hard to stay upbeat. So that is yet another nudge I need for taking a “reboot break” so that I can figure out what the next stage of my career is going to be.

Things were hit and miss this last month, and I’m not sure if it was just because the semester was winding down or if I was going through another small bout of depression (or both). Since we’re going to be cycling back through Scorpio, I will have the chance to modify the goals and figure out the best plan for moving forward again—since the moon in Scorpio will also mark the start of the full moon going through all my houses (from the first).

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Aries New Moon Goals: “Starting a new zodiac year”

So the moon is moving through Aries today (as a new moon), and this also marks the start of a new astrological calendar (as Aries is the first sign in astrology). We have started the second quarter of the year, and now is a time to reflect on the past quarter and decide to change things up if things haven’t been working.

So what are some of the things that one can do during the Aries new moon period?

            Take action on your dreams.

            Make a 12-month plan.

            Be courageous.

            Have some fun.

            Focus on yourself.

Then if I look to see what house/zone Aries is moving through as well—it is going through my sixth house: or the daily work and health zone. So this is also the time to focus on my daily work and health routines. This is the time to look at my current routines and make any changes necessary to ensure that I’m going in a more healthy direction (in both terms of work and personal health/fitness).

So what are some of the things that one can do during this time to help improve their sixth house?

            Recommit to some type of exercise program (either going to the gym or doing something on your own).

            Think about your eating habits.

            Help someone out this month.

            Talk to your boss about any work concerns you might have.

            Read a book on positive thinking.

            Eat healthy lunches or dinners for one month—no exceptions.

            Learn to meditate.

I do think that it’s a little uncanny how accurate it is that as the moon is transitioning, currently it hit on my sixth house. This is one area (namely more the daily health than daily work—though that is also an area that needs focus) that I really do need to try to focus more on, as I have let my fitness routines fall by the wayside the past six weeks or so.

So my small list of things to focus on during this new moon period will be the following:

            Making a 12-month plan. This is going to encompass both personal and professional area of my life.

            Recommit to a workout program

            Work on my eating habits (I do know that quite a bit of my bad habits stem from both stress and poor sleeping). Notice I didn’t say diet—but habits. I’m trying to work on basically having things in moderation and working on serving sizes.

            Read a book on positive thinking (I’m pretty sure that I have one or two on my large to-be-read e-pile; but I’ll look at amazon and see what I either have or I will purchase a book or two).

            Then finally, continue to try to mediate nightly. I’ve realized lately that my mind still races a little too much when I do try to mediate and I call it quits after about two minutes. Also I’ve realized that my racing thoughts have also made it a little difficult to do a accurate and decent tarot/oracle card reading—I may need to meditate for a few minutes before attempting to do a reading.

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Capricorn New Moon Goals: Review

So, January has come and gone, and we will soon have the second new moon for the year. I know that time doesn’t speed up or slow down, but the illusion that does both will always baffle me. I mean during the week—the workday can drag on forever (even though it doesn’t), and the weekend can seem to both drag and fly by at the same time. One thing I’m wanting to improve on this year is time management—the goals that I’ve set out for myself are all achievable, but I need to manage my time better to be able to reach them.

So the moon is soon going to be entering into the Aquarius constellation, and that means I should look back at the goals that I set during the new moon in Capricorn and see how I did with those goals. I’d mentioned last month that it seemed weird that the moon might be in a constellation longer (or back through it twice), so my goals were going to be off—but I think that depends on which astrology chart (or astrologer) you follow. I’ve now seen it both ways—some saying that there isn’t going to be a full moon in the Virgo constellation (it would somehow be Leo again), but others state that there will be a full moon in Virgo. So I’m going to be going with the ones that claim that there will be a new moon/full moon in each constellation this year (making it easier to do my new moon/full moon goals).

All right, so back to my goals from the last new moon, what were they and how did I do with them?

The goals included:

            Working on the transition plan (namely reworking my core values and the daily steps for transitioning into an industry position).

            Reading (or finishing) at least 3 non-fiction books

            Start working through the various e-courses that I’ve bought (which includes lifetime access for learning a foreign language).

So how did I do with each one?

I did manage to finish four different non-fiction books during the month of January (see my January in review post), though I only wrote one book review.

I made a little bit of progress on my transition plan, I’m still working on reworking my core values (trying to only have a “priority” list of say five to seven), and the daily steps for transitioning into an industry position. I have figured out a few things that I would like to be able to avoid doing in my next position (though some of them are necessary evils, I just want to limit the amount I have to deal with).

In terms of the different e-courses, I managed to finish one on job searching (which was more of a refresher for me, though it did give a different way of trying to work the resume and also a way of having “stories” on hand/mind when interviewing). I plan on also going back through some of the other short ones that I did (such as time management & goal setting and re-listening to the lectures to have a refresher on certain little topics).

Overall, I managed to get a little done on two of the three goals. I always enjoy reading, though reading non-fiction takes a little longer for me, as it is harder for me to “paint” the picture in my mind of what the author is saying (it’s much easier to picture something from a fiction book than a non-fiction book; at least for me). I will still be working on all three of these areas through out the year, as I really would like this to be the year that I land a job in industry (or potentially at a different university closer to and industry biotech hub).

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Update on Cancer New Moon Goals

So we’re going to be entering another new moon tomorrow—Leo. That means yet another series of lunar cycles (new, quarter, full, quarter, to new) has come and gone. So it is yet time again to reflect back on what I had set as goals for the last new moon period (Cancer) as the moon moved through my 9th house (or the “Big Picture Zone”).

So the 9th house was where we were to reflect on things that were related to adventure, travel, personal development, getting in touch with family, and review one’s goals. So some of the topics were easier to deal with than others. Depending on whether you’re talking about just immediate family (or extended)—I keep in touch with most family via social media, with the exception of my parents (as I live at home) and my younger brother (who frequently comes home for visits). While it has been years since I’ve seen my extended family—the highway goes both ways and they could always come visit us as well.

I think I managed to finish one more personal development book during this new moon (and it was “Thinking in Bets: Making Smart Decisions When You Don’t Have All the Facts” by Annie Duke). I’m also working on learning web design (I have bought several books and e-courses on the subject) so that I can try to update the facilities page, and also have the skill to where if I want to build a site devoted to my photography I can.

I think that today the universe was giving me the subtle hint that I need to start really focusing on my transition into industry. So while I think I’ve narrowed down the different positions that sound interesting, I know that I now have more work to do before getting an informational interview:

  • With the idea of staying with research—I’m thinking of potentially going either more agricultural or maybe cosmetic. This means that I need to look for companies to follow in linkedin, twitter, and so forth; plus try to find the mission statements of the companies to make sure that they align with my own values.
  • I need to work through the different data programming e-courses that I’ve bought as I’m thinking possibly also of going the route of data analysis.
  • I also need to start reading more within the business world (and also the scientific world as well).
  • Start adding value to connections that might lead to informational interviews within either one of different research fields or the different business fields as well.

I have been doing better at meditating at night, sometimes it is only for a two or three minutes, other times it is closer to the five minutes. I’ve found that the best thing that works for me is a couple minutes of laying down on my acupuncture mat to help clear my mind, before sitting up to meditate. The acupuncture mat (and pillow) work wonders on the muscle cramps from a long day and relieving the pressure from sinus (and tension) headaches.

So I did a bit better this time around with meeting my goals, and at the same time realizing that I’m just going to have to take the leap and realize that the net will appear to catch me—I just have to let go of the fear of not knowing when it will catch me.

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Capricorn Full Moon: Update

Well another month is almost over, and the moon has moved from Capricorn (the last full moon), through Cancer (the last new moon) and will soon be entering Aquarius at the end of the week.


So I’d answered the Capricorn Moonology questions last month in regards to whether or not I thought I was being overly ambitious, obsessive, hard-headed, and where I felt I was in terms of planning my life. After answering those questions I set some goals that could either be completed between the Capricorn full moon and the Cancer new moon, or were going to be almost month long goals.


So the goals that I’d set for the Capricorn full moon included:


Start reorganizing my storage unit. While I don’t have any job prospects lined up, I don’t want to be dealing with my obnoxious, boxes falling apart, storage unit.

Again, continue working on my transition plan for moving from academia to industry (narrowing down the jobs/areas, networking & trying to set up informational interviews).

Remembering to stop and smell the roses, that there is a time for work and a time to play. While I’m starting to maintain the rule of not checking my work email after hours or on the weekend, I also need to remember that I don’t have to spend all the time being an adult—there are crafts that I can also be working on.

So how did I do with these three goals?

I did manage to start reorganizing my storage unit. It took me a couple of hours to do it—but it’s organized more with the large things (mattress, box spring, bookcase) in the back of the unit and the boxes towards the front. I still need to make time to start repacking boxes that are falling apart (I do know that there is one box that the bottom is ripped; and numerous other boxes that have collapsed in on themselves).

In terms of the transition plan—I’m trying to rework my linkedin profile. There was this webinar that I listened too a couple of weeks ago, that gave great tips for linkedin (make your summary a story of where you are wanting to end up—not just where you’ve been or where you are currently at; and also to determine your brand on linkedin (what you want to be known for [then make sure that the things you’re posting/sharing/liking are related to that topic]). I’ve got an idea of other directions that I may want to be going—but I need to start doing a little more research into them, also start networking more so that I can at some point start having informational interviews about these positions to learn more about them.

I am trying to get better at the whole work/life balance (or at times the job searching/life balance). I will be the first to admit that after say 9pm I switch from job searching/writing posts/anything work related to it’s time to wind down for bed (which usually includes putting lotion on, meditating (or trying to), and then reading on my kindle for about thirty minutes, and then going to bed). I know that this isn’t the most productive thing to do—but I value my sleep (and I toss and turn enough that I do wake up feeling tired half the time) and I know that if I’m not getting enough (at least seven hours) I end up going after the sweets and caffeine. This is still going to be something that I need to work on (namely during the day—I can probably be more productive at work than what I am once I figure out different things that I need to be focusing on).

But overall I didn’t do that bad with the goals—I took the time and tackled the storage unit, to where when I go back to repack boxes I can easily get to said boxes (instead of having to move a lot of stuff around). In terms of the job search/transition—I have an idea of what I’m wanting to do—I just have to put it down on paper as a plan and figure out the steps to achieve said plan. The same can be said for figuring out the work/life balance.

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Update on Gemini New Moon Goals

Well we’ve moved out of Gemini, through Capricorn and this week the moon will be entering into the constellation of Cancer. So before going into the next house, I’m going to try to reflect back on the time that the moon spent in Gemini.

So during that two-week period (from new moon to full moon), the moon was moving through my 8th house or zone: which was the Sex and Shared Finances Zone. As I mentioned last month, for me it should be called the Sexless and Shared Finances Zone. I’m not in any relationship, and truthfully not looking to meet/date anyone right now either. I may try to correct this once I’ve moved on to the next job, but currently I don’t mind being single—and if I want something steamy—I have plenty of romance novels I can read.

So as far as the finance goals that I set for the last half of June, they included: 1) making a budget for the last half of June and starting one for July; 2) limiting purchases on campus to no more than 3 days a week; and 3) look into ways of increasing my retirement account (without decreasing my savings or paycheck).

So how did I do with those goals?

  • The budget—didn’t happen—though I did make note of what all the credit card balances were at the end of the month (past the two-week deadline—but a start). I’m trying to be more mindful of what I’m spending money on (so I’m also trying to keep another money log going).
  • Limiting purchases on campus to no more than 3 days a week. Well, the best week was the week of July 4th and that’s only because I was working 2 days. I need to try to bring my travel coffee mug and get regular coffee (with maybe some cream) instead of a blended coffee drink. It may not save a lot of money, but it will save some. Also I need to just pick up some extra fruit on campus and not the sweets that I’ve been buying.
  • So far I haven’t managed this one—though it did go up a little this past three months, so I’d be good if I died about 2 weeks after retirement.

So getting financially secure and not randomly spending money is still something that I need to work on (hence the money log and aiming for no-spend days challenges that I do monthly). Truthfully I shouldn’t be buying anymore books for awhile, though I know that there will be several that I do buy over the month—but a new goal may be for every book that I want to buy I have to write at least a 700 word review for three other books and post them (both on the blog and then on the site where I purchased the books).

One thing about looking to the moon–I’m also looking at different aspects of my life and seeing how things are and what improvements are needed in each area. Also–the moon goes through each house twice a year (once as a new moon and once as a full moon), so I have two tries at hopefully getting one goal from each house accomplished. I’m thinking that there might even be a mid year post on the different houses for both the new moon and the full moon and how I’ve done so far this year, and what I hope to accomplish through out the rest of the year.



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