Work with Me

Selfie at Devil’s Den State Park.

Hello, and welcome to becoming jessi. I created this blog as a means for self-accountability as I figured out what I was wanting to do with my life. I’m an multipotentialite, going through an transition/metamorphosis period, currently I’m focusing on aspects of both personal and professional growth–as I consider them to be opposite sides of the same ‘coin’. The site reflects (or will) aspects of both. There will be:

  1. Numerous nature shots (as I love to spend time outdoors),
    • Pages/Sections dedicated to various topics
    • Travel pages dedicated to various places visited over the years
  2. Pictures of my pets (because who doesn’t like a cute dog or cat post occasionally?),
  3. Book reviews
    • Personal development,
    • Romance (I read all different types),
    • Mysteries and thrillers, and
    • Science fiction and fantasy.
  4. My opinions on various scientific issues (though more in-depth coverage on these topics can be found on my science, health, and medical communications page [jessicamatts (dot) com],
    • Summaries of current topics
    • Mini-literature reviews
    • Notes/Outlines on various subjects
  5. Finances
    • Money saving challenges
    • Budgets/Savings
    • Learning to Invest,
  6. Spirituality
    • Meditation
    • Oracle card readings
  7. Crafts
    • Crafts/hobbies that I’ve done for years (knitting, sewing/quilting)
    • Crafts/hobbies that I’m teaching myself (drawing/doodling, painting, crochet, making jewelry, resin work, mosaics, and wood-burning)
  8. Health and wellness
    • Reviews of BODi programs that I’m still thinking of completing; homemade ‘HIIT’ & 30-Day challenge schedules
    • Reflects and tips for ‘ditching the diet mindset’ and working on getting into the best shape of my life
Waterfall at Devil’s Den State Park

If any of these areas are of interest to you, I would LOVE to partner with you and help get the word out about your product/location/book/recipe, or whatever.

I am willing to provide:

  1. Sponsored blog posts,
  2. Linked book reviews,
  3. Social media campaigns,
  4. Sponsored destination trips, and
  5. Photography projects.

Contact me at jessi (dot) matts @ gmail (dot) com [remove spaces and place the dots] and lets see what we can come up with. Some may or may notice that the email address has changed–I’m working on updating/expanding the site, and the old email address: jessi @ becomingjessi (dot) com, is having numerous issues and will probably be getting changed at some point this year. So if you had emailed that address–please, resend to the gmail account (and as long as google doesn’t think you’re spam things should come through).

The name of the site hasn’t changed–I’ve added a separate blog/website where I will be focusing on more educational/informative writing within the science, health, and medical realms. That site can be found at: jessicamatts(dot)com and is slowly coming along (currently focus on that blog is cancer biology topics). My apologies if emails in regards to website design and SEO have gone unanswered–those are two areas that I’m currently attempting to take care of on my own (at least until I can afford to hire out). So, again–thank you everyone for your patience as I not only navigate the blogging world, but start dipping my toes into the freelance world and contemplate setting up an Etsy store (or other online platform) to sell crafts.